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Our Vision

Feetwings stands for salt-of-the-earth and sincere conduct on fitness products, of which society is not only an avid consumer but also uses to find a greater peace in their lives.

Our Product

Calorie burnt

At least 60% more accurate than existing technology.


No charging required

Water proof

Resistant towards damage from dampness or seepage.

Activity Tracker

Measures real-time steps, speed and distance with 99% accuracy

Accidental falls

Determines severity and implements appropriate safety protocol.


Monitors real-time heart rate and SpO2

About Us


The Health and Fitness industry, today, faces appalling inaccuracies and a horde of erroneous products flooding the market. Hence, we present to you 'Feetwings', a smart sole. It acts as a substitute to your smart bands and is not only accurate upto 99% but also records your real time speed and weight.

Our Team

We are a team of Biotechnology majors from Netaji Subhas University of Technology, Delhi. We've competed in social hackathons and pitching events with fervour that was acknowledged and praised, indifferently.


Animesh Tiwari

Hardware Engineer

Akinchan Kushwaha

Web developer
Software Developer

Hrithik Jaiswal

Software Developer
Graphic Designer

Arya Soni

App Developer

Vishva Raj

Research and Development

Messages from our Professors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shoe battery life under extreme use case scenario?

Shoe charges itself hence there is no typical "battery life". It will charge as you walk with it.

Is it good for rough and tough use case scenarios?

Yes it is good for rough and tough use case scenarios since we are using the safest and the most durable material.

How will it help people who have compromised walking style due to an illness?

It will analyse their Gait(Walking style) and give you pointers on how you can correct it from the data it acquires.

How were we able to find a better algorithm for calorie burnt?

We calculate real time weight of the consumer and use a different equation than other companies.

Does the Feetwings come with a heart rate sensor?

Yes Feetwings does come with a heart rate sensor.

How will it be better than a regular fitness tracker?

It will have more accurate results, better planning, tips, an SOS alert and much more.

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Netaji Subhas University of Technology,
Azad Hind Fauj Marg,
Sector - 3 , Dwarka
New Delhi - 110078

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